Become a IRCTC agent, earn big money, easy way

IRCTC now sells most rail tickets in the country. IRCTC sells these tickets in 2 ways. One way people can book their tickets is by visiting the IRCTC website directly. Another way is for people to buy railway tickets through agents of IRCTC. IRCTC provides agency to sell train tickets through agents. People can become agents of IRCTC by fulfilling minor conditions. After this, these agents can sell railway tickets. Investment in this work is very low and earning is good. The best thing about selling tickets by becoming an agent of IRCTC is that this work can be started in any corner of the country.

Who makes tickets booking through agents

There are many people in the country who want a railway ticket without a line, but do not want to pay for it online. Such people usually take rail tickets from IRCTC’s agents. Here the agent makes online payment by booking the train ticket in the name of the customer and takes the money from the customer in cash. This agent also cancels rail book tickets if needed. It gets a nominal fee for this work. Due to multiple ticket bookings done during the day, these agents earn big money.

Let’s know how to become an agent of IRCTC, and how to make big money.

Apply on the website of IRCTC

If you want to sell railway tickets by becoming an agent of IRCTC, then you have to apply to become an agent.

This is the address of the website

This is the process of becoming an agent

First of all, you have to fill an online form. By the way, if you wish, you can also fill this form offline.

With this form, you will also have to provide some documents.

– These documents are supposed to authenticate you and your address.

After receiving your application form, IRCTC verifies the information given by you.

-As soon as the verification work is completed, IRCTC gives you permission to start the work.

After this, IRCTC gives you a training kit, which lets you learn the whole way of working.

Now you can start your work as an agent of IRCTC.

IRCTC asks for this document

-Aadhar Card

-Pan Card

-Passport size photo

-the email address

-mobile number

Note: You have to provide your email address and mobile number which is not yet linked with any account of IRCTC.

IRCTC Will Have to Give a Draft of Rs 30,000

On becoming an IRCTC agent, it takes 30 thousand rupees as security bail amount. You have to pay this money in the name of IRCTC as a draft. If you do not want to do this work later, IRCTC refunds Rs 20,000 of this. Those who work continuously with IRCTC have to pay IRCTC Rs 5,000 as a renewal charge every year.

Earnings are Done According to Booking Tickets

IRCTC agents earn by booking rail tickets. For this, IRCTC has fixed commission on ticket booking. According to IRCTC, a maximum of Rs 30 per ticket per sleeper class and a maximum of Rs 50 per ticket for AC class can be charged from the customer. If agents take more money than this, then their license can be canceled. Accordingly, the more tickets are booked, the more the IRCTC agent will benefit every day.