Best Business Loan Scheme for Women

Best Business Loan Scheme for Women

Best Business Loan Scheme for Women – If you are a woman and you want to start your business, then today’s article is just for you. Today in this article, we will tell you about some of the main loan schemes that you can take advantage of and start your business. If you want to know what is the business loan scheme for women, then definitely read the article till the end.

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Friends, as you all know, women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men in every field, whether it is in education field or in government jobs. But in the case of business, women outperform men because men arrange money to start business but women are unable to make money. That is why women are a little hesitant to start a business.

Best Business Loan Scheme for Women

There are many women in our country who want to stand on their feet and do business, but their desire is not fulfilled because they do not have enough money. As you all know, starting a business requires millions of rupees and it is not possible for a woman to raise so much money. That is why different types of Mahila Loan Yojana have been started by the bank and the government. By taking advantage of these, any woman can take a loan for business.

Best Business Loan Scheme for Women

If you want to start your business but you are short of money, then you can take a loan and start your business by applying in any of the schemes mentioned below.

Feminine power scheme

This scheme has proved to be a boon for women, because through this scheme you can get a loan for your business in a few months. You can contact the State Bank of India or any government bank to take advantage of the Stree Shakti scheme. Under the Stree Shakti Scheme, every woman is given financial assistance up to Rs. 25 lakh to start her business, which she later has to pay along with interest. However, by taking a loan through this scheme, you have to pay a very low interest rate.

St. Kalyani Scheme

This loan scheme has been issued mainly to women. If you want to open beauty parlor garment sewing or any other small scale industry but you do not have money then you can get up to 10000000 rupees through Saint Kalyan scheme. But only those who have an account with the Central Bank of India will get the benefit of this scheme. The scheme has been issued by the Central Bank of India.

Money plan

The Government of India has introduced the Mudra Yojana to make the youth and women of the country self-reliant. If you have a good credit score and civil score then you can apply for the Mudra scheme. In the Mudra Yojana, you can easily get loans ranging from ₹ 50000 to 50 lakhs. You will be given a loan according to the scale of your business and the higher the income from your business.

Dena Shakti Scheme

Dena Shakti Scheme Scheme has been released by Dena Bank. You can get a loan of up to ₹ 2000000 by taking advantage of this scheme. If you have an account with Dena Bank and you want to start your business, then you should apply for this loan immediately.

Initially you will be given ₹ 50000, after which the outline of your works will be seen. In the end, you will be provided with assistance of Rs.20000 through two installments which you can repay gradually along with interest.

Annapurna Loan Scheme

If you want to do small business of daily household items, then you can apply for Annapurna loan scheme. Annapurna loan scheme is operated by SBI Bank in which the beneficiary is given a loan of up to ₹ 50000. You will have to repay this loan in 36 installments including interest. If you want to take Annapurna scheme then you must have a guarantor only then you can take the benefit of loan scheme by the people.

The conclusion

Today in this article we told you what is the best loan scheme for women? Hope you like this information. If you want to get other information about this, then read our article daily. If you like this information, share it with your friends. Thank you very much for reading the article till the last.