Go Compare overhauls New as Business Goes on from’shouting loudest’

Go Compare is overhauling its own brand, introducing placement and feel new advertising campaign and a brand new look as it seems to make its point of distinction apparent within an increasingly competitive sector.

The newest management aims to tell the narrative of Go Compare she states sets the focus on supplying customers the very best bargain, instead of the one that is lowest priced.

Talking exclusively to Marketing Week, she describes:”In the building there’s a true fire and cost from the company, and in helping individuals find the ideal insurance, not the cheapest. The issue was how we advised that story… The way we got to the item fact and the newest truth.”

The contrast marketplace has relied on its advertising on”shouting loudest”, a plan that Harris credits for receiving the new to where it has become now. Based on YouGov BrandIndex, it’s an comprehension level of 87.9percent among UK adults, supporting just MoneySuperMarket on 88.2 percent. However, Harris wishes to bring any saliency, telling the story of what it stands for and exactly what the new means.

“We’re playing the very same games to [maintain our brands] high in thoughts. What we’re seeking to do now is keep our new personality and best of mind functionality at a fantastic level whilst incorporating some depth and experience to what we would like to be famous for,” states Harris.


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