Highest Salary Paying job in India

Now, whether it is a government job or a private job, everyone wants to get a comfortable job and get more salary. That is why people search for jobs today and want to know which jobs are they who have good salary. It also gives ash and comfort. Today in this post, we will give you information about some AC jobs which give you the most salary.

Highest Salary Paying job in India

1- Chartered Accountant

Friends, this job gives you very good salary. Today, as many big companies are there, they need a Chartered Accountant because the entire management of tax in the company and financial consultancy in business is only with the Chartered Accountant. . The initial payment of a chartered accountant is 5 lakh fifty thousand and after completing his / her career, he gets 12 lakh eighty thousand and 25 lakh seventy thousand rupees if he is more experienced.

2 – Software Engineer

Friends, today is the age of technology. In the coming times, the demand of software engineer is increasing day by day. If you become an expert in this field, then you get to see many more ways of employment. 1.5 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs per annum, their payments in the middle of their career varies from 3 to 6 lakhs and if a good project is also found, then their salary increases from 13 lakhs to 20 lakhs.

3 – Airlines

Every year, the demand in the field of aviation is increasing because now most of the people have started traveling by airplane to save their time, thus there is a lot of demand for air hostess, pilot, ground staff in aviation sector. The annual salary of the pilot of the aircraft is up to 8 lakh and an air hostess is also given about 5 lakh salary per year.

4 – Law Professional

If you are interested in the area of ​​law you can also It is a career that can make emails advocacy.
People associated with this field get good salary.

5 – Doctor

Get very good salary in the doctor’s job in India but there is little government doctors that pay private doctors pay private doctors a year in can earn up to 50 million while government doctors find also earn not 10 million.