How to Open Fruit Shop ? How to Earn From Fruit Shop ?

How to Open Fruit Shop

How to Open Fruit Shop ? How to Earn From Fruit Shop ? In today’s time, the youth of India are giving priority to business more than jobs. They are in search of fresh new business which can also earn a lot of money. If you also want to start a business with little investment through which you can earn a good income, then opening a fruit shop may be most beneficial for you. Because a lot of people consume fruits and its sales are very high on the festival. In this article, we will tell you how to open a fruit shop. How to earn by opening a fruit shop?

If you open a fruit shop and do business with thought, then you can earn millions of rupees a month from it. This is a business for which you do not need to write any special studies, even illiterate person can start it and earn a lot of money.

If you talk about the fruit shop business, then it earns a lot of money, in addition to this, the sales of fruits on festivals increase significantly. This is the kind of business that goes on throughout the year because many people consume fruits and try to be healthy.

How can a fruit business succeed ?

If you want to start a fruit business and want to succeed in it, then always set up your shop in a crowded area. Also open at least 2 shops and keep away from each other. So that if one of your shops is not running well then you can send your fruits to another shop. Because it often happens that you do not hold that much in one market, therefore the sales of your goods are not so much whereas in other markets you have a good hold and there are more sales.

If you are a member of the family who can run and stay at the shop and sell fruits, then you do not have to spend much. Otherwise you can put a boy in your under and pay him salary. But it would be best for you to have a member of your family run another shop.

Maintenance of fruits is important

Fruits are things that are very important to maintain, otherwise they can rot. Therefore, to store your fruits, take a store that is well ventilated and has good air and light. Apart from this, there are many such fruits which have to be kept for a long time, so if you have a good cold store, then you can take this business even higher.

How to grow fruit shop Busines ?

To pursue any business, a good relationship with your customer is very important. If your relationship is good with the customer, he will always come to your shop. Apart from this, to create a good relationship with the customer, you should talk to them well and do not get angry at their bargain.

Sometimes to make a good relationship with the customer, he has to sell any goods without taking too much profit. Apart from this, you can also sell fruits to them by making your connection to big hotel juice shops, this will increase your business.

Where to buy fruit for the shop ?

Just as the vegetable market is available to sell vegetables in bulk, the fruit market is still in place to sell the fruits in bulk. A separate fruit market is made in your city, where you get all kinds of fruits at a reasonable price. You can bring the fruit from the fruit market and keep it in your shop and send it in the retail price. You can earn more by selling at retail prices.

If you will sell the fruits by packing them well, then it will affect the customer more and they are also sold at a higher price. On selling in retail, you can keep the price of your fruits higher and then you can reduce the price slightly by bargaining, this will also create a good relationship with the customer.

How much investment will have to be made for the fruit shop and how much profit will there be ?

If you want to open a fruit shop, there is no need to invest too much in it. You can set up a good fruit shop and earn money by spending 30 to 40 thousand rupees. You can save 30 to 40% on any fruit. If you sell 2 lakh rupees a month, then you can easily save 50 to 60 thousand rupees.

Although many fruits are spoiled by keeping them for a long time, still you get a lot of profit in it. The more customers will come to your shop, the more your sales will increase and the more you can increase your profit. So create a good relationship with the customer and motivate them to come to your shop.