New Feature of Instagram, now Also Direct Message From Desktop

A new feature is starting on Facebook owned Instagram. Demand for this feature has been coming from users for a long time.

Now you can direct message from Instagram web. Until earlier, you could not message any user from Instagram web.

However, even now this feature will not be given to all users, because its testing is going on. Under this testing, the direct message of Instagram will be given to the feature company limited users as a test.

Instagram has said in a tweet about this, we are currently testing direct messaging on the web, that is, you can read and reply to messages from anywhere.

Let us know that this feature will work in the same way as in the Instagram mobile app. After the introduction of this feature, users will be able to chat with each other on Instagram and create a group from the desktop itself. You can also like the pictures sent in direct message.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook had announced recently that in the coming time, the cross platform messaging feature will be brought. In such a situation, it is possible that this feature is a part of the same process, because the company is also ready to launch the cross platform message feature on Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp in the coming time.