Some Interesting Tips Of Facebook ?

Some Interesting Tips Of Facebook ? – Hello friends how are you all?  I once again welcome all of you in our new article.  Friends, today we will tell you about some of the best tips of Facebook , if you also use Facebook, then you can double the fun of using your Facebook using these tips, if you also enjoy the fun of Facebook.  If you want to know about tips, then read the article till the last.

 You all must know about Faceboo is a very important social media platform.  Facebook is used by millions of people.If you also use Facebook, then our article today is for you, because today we will tell you some best tips of Facebook using which you can surprise your friends.

 Facebook has millions of users.  If you want to create an image of yourself in Facebook, then you have to do something different.  Today we will tell you some tips. By doing these, you can make a different image in Facebook.

 How To Write A Blank Message?

 Friends, you will know that if you want to post something on Facebook, then you must write some character in it.  You cannot post a blank message, if you want to post a blank message in someone’s comment or newsfeed, then you have to follow a trick.

 To paste blank messages, you have to use your computer keyboard.  Computer keyboard After pressing alt you have to press 0173 and click on post button.  You can send a black message to anyone after doing this.

 Who Unfriended You How To Check?

 Friends, if you want to see which friend has unfollowed you, then you cannot see direct on Facebook, for this you will need a third party website.

 To see who has unfriended you, you have to go to your Google Chrome and search “who delete me” there.  After that you will get an extension, you have to install it.  Now when you open it again, you will see an option of delete you, by clicking on it, you can see that one of your friends has unfriended you.

 Most Funny Trick

 Guys this is a very fun trick.  By using this trick, you can fool any friend easily, to fool any friend you need to send a link to ”  If you click on it, it will see its own photo.

 How To Use Messenger In Computer?

 Friends, you will know that to send a message to anyone in Facebook, you have to install Messenger separately, if you use Facebook in your computer, then you cannot use Messenger, today we will tell you a trick with the help of which  You can also use Messenger in computer.

 First of all you have to go to Google Chrome and search

 You will have the option to login, you can login with the id password and use Messenger.

 How To Download Facebook Video?

 If you like any video on Facebook and you want to download it, then you cannot download it directly from Facebook because you do not get this option on Facebook.  But you can download Facebook videos using third party application.

 First of all, you have to copy the link of that video, to copy you click on the video and go to the option.  Here you will get the option to copy the link

 After copying the link you have to open the website in Google Chrome.  In this website you have to paste the link. Now you will have the option of download. You can download by clicking on the option.

 How To Share Multi Color Status?

 If you want to share multi color status in your story, then for that you must first go to the story box and go to the text box and write your text.  Now at the bottom you will see different colors.  You can click on any color you want to use.

 How To Send A Secret Message?

 If you want to send a secret message from your Facebook to a friend, you can send a secret message using Messenger, when you open Messenger, you will see many options above.  You have to search for the secret chat option.  By clicking on this option, you can send a secret message to anyone.

 How To Upload Hd Photos

 If you upload a photo from your Facebook, then its quality becomes useless. If you want to upload HD photos, then you have to make settings.  First of all you have to go to your Facebook settings.  Here you will see the option of share photo HD, you have to enable this option.  After enabling, you can send photos in HD to anyone.

 How To Enable Dark Mod?

 If you want to change your Facebook theme and enable dark mod then you can enable dark mode from settings.  To apply the dark mod option you have to turn on dark mod option from settings.  After going to the settings, you have to scroll down. You will see the dark mode option, you have to turn it on.  After turning on your Facebook theme will change and you can enjoy the dark mode.

 How To Download Lock Profile Pic

 Many users lock their profile Pic in Facebook, the lock photo cannot be downloaded, but if you want to download the locked photo then you have to take help of third party website.

 To download any locked photo, first you have to go to the website.  You have to login your account in this website.  You can download any profile after logging in.

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 Friends, this was a little information for you .  Today’s information ends here.  Today we told you some of the funniest Facebook tips.  We hope you liked this information, if you want similar and fun information, then read the article daily.  Thanks a lot