What Is Crowd Funding? Part Of Crowd Funding

What Is Crowd Funding? – Hello guys how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  Friends, in this article today, we will tell you what is crowd funding ? and how is crowd funding done?  Friends, if you also want to get information about crowd funding, then read our article till last.

 Friends, if you are a social worker and you are interested in social work, then this article will prove to be very important for you, because today we will tell you about crowd funding.  Friends crowd funding is a system under which you can contribute to various social events.

 Friends, there are many people in our society who want to do something for the society.  We call such people social workers, but they are unable to do social service due to lack of sufficient funds.  For example, suppose you are a social worker and some poor children live near your home and you have to teach them but you have no money and you are not able to teach them, in this situation, crowd fund is very important,  Because crowd funding is a system that provides you with money for social service.

 You all must have heard the name of donation.  crowd funding is also a type of donation, just a modern form of donation.  Earlier people used to go to each other’s house to give donation and go there and ask for donation, but as the era got technical and people started connecting with social media, people changed the system of taking donation.  Now people use crowd funding to give donations.

 With the help of crowd funding you take money from various people and use those money for social service.

 The Part Of Crowd Funding

 There are three main parts to crowd funding which crowd funding derives from

  1. Project Initiator

 Project initiator is a type of plan.  Why are you funding?  What will you do with the funding?  To whom will the funding be used to help? All this information comes under Project Initiator.  If you want to take crowd funding, then first you have to publish your project on social media, in which you will have to give all the information.

  1. Supporters

 Support is the process under which you personally talk to a person on social media and request him to provide funding.  Suppose a politician is connected on your social media platform, then you can talk to him personally and request him to give you funding.  It comes under support.

  1. Platform

 Under the platform, the funding that you are taking and the funding that you are giving, the two meet each other.  For example, suppose the person you asked for the fund was ready to give you the funds, so now where will you meet him and how will you take the funds from him? All this information comes under the platform.

 Types Of Crowd Funding

 There are several types of crowd funding.  If you want to take crowd funding, you can take funding than either of these.

 Reward Based Crowd Funding

 When you take a fund from a person and you are lured to give it a reward, then this funding is a reward base crowd funding.  Under this funding, every person from whom you receive a donation, you have to give rewards to it.

 Equity Best Crowd Funding

 This equity base crowd funding occurs when someone makes a huge amount of money in your program and wants more shares in return.  This is illegal funding and is rarely used.

 Donation Based Crowd Funding

 Under donation based crowd funding, you can take money from anyone as a donation and use these money for social work.

 Debt Crowd Funding

 When you borrow money from a person and use them in social work, this funding is called Dept crowd funding.  In this type of funding, whatever money you take, you have to return the money.

 Friends, these were some of the major types of funding for you, if you are going to start a new project or if you are going to serve someone as a social worker then you can collect donations from any of the above mentioned type  .

 There are many people in our society who are a true social worker but do not get financial support, due to which they are not able to help people, crowd funding is a very good platform for those people.  If you also want to become a Social servent, then you can resort to crowd funding.


 This information ends here. Today we told you about crowd funding. We hope you liked this information.  If you want to get other similar information, then read our article daily.  Thanks a lot