YONO SBI opens account in 7 simple steps, know the process in State Bank of India

SBI YONO App Online Account Opening Form: With the help of YONOSBI, you can open an SBI account in these seven simple steps at home.

SBI YONO App Online Account Opening Form: Users can apply for SBI Insta Savings Account through mobile application YONO or online bank website. Both the website and the mobile app assist the user in the process of opening an account through a common process.

Log in to the SBI YONO website, then fill in the details like user email and phone number and click on the ‘submit’ button

On the next page, the website will prompt the user to enter an OTP (one-time passcode). This OTP is a numeric code sent to the user’s mobile number. After entering this OTP in the given field, click on ‘Submit’ to proceed.

On the next page, the user is required to set an application password. After the account is set up this password will be used to log into the YONO app.

Subsequently, the user has to confirm certain tax liability dates under the FATCA or Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. After choosing the correct option, the user can proceed by clicking on Next.

After this, the website will ask the user for Aadhaar-based verification for the purpose of opening an account. User can click on Next to proceed.

After this, an OTP will come on the mobile number of the user registered with Aadhaar. If the details given on Aadhaar are not updated, then YONO asks the user to make necessary changes through the AIDAR card issuing UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).

– In such a user is required to enter / confirm personal details like name, address and date of birth. After this, additional details such as PAN and annual income are fed.

The user is asked to select a home branch.

This is the same branch of SBI where your account is located.

Through the mobile app YONO, users can also open a digital savings account. Similar to Insta Savings Account, this account is also opened on paperless basis. According to the SBI website, a digital savings account requires a visit by a customer to a single branch.